We will post feedbacks emailed to us expressing the results you see in your engines. Don't hesitate to point out characteristics you noticed before and after the resizing/reconditioning. Also, share with us the break-in procedure you used if other than the 4-5 heat cycle method that RayA suggests. Your involvement here will allow us all to bring engine resizing/reconditioning to an even higher level.

Some good threads with customers sharing their experiences with RayAracing:


Hey Ray,

Just lickin the big 10 gallon mark on that pinch. By the way our gallon is imperial at 4.54 litres to the gallon yours is metric at 3.78 litres to the gallon. Thats just over 12 us gallons. Unreal! Hey and its still going strong. 2nd a main on sunday, 68.6 mph down the 92 yard straight. One of the quickest speeds of the day.


RayAracing does a superb service! www.rayaracing.com. I used Ray on 1 of my Go's and it lasted about 5gallons after the pinch! The P&S come back better than new! deffinatly worth a go. I just sent 1 of my Vspec's off!

Hi Ray,

 I was VERY impressed with the speed you returned my order, I wasn’t expecting it for another 2 days!!  I am also VERY impressed with the quality of service done, the piston and sleeve I send you were marred and scratched.  The one I received from you looks almost brand new with no scoring or scratches. 

I will definitely send business your way!!

 Nick Williams


All i can say is wow!! These motors run as good as the day they were fresh. Ray does go the extra mile as always!


Hi Ray,

I wanted to let you know, you did a beautiful job on my piston and sleeve. I ran the engine in a Florida State series race this past weekend and it was blister fast. Thanks very much, I will be sending all my work to you .

Yours Truly,
Steve St. Petersburg Florida

I just got the piston and sleeve back in the ol RG .21 and as usual it screams..but it's not like i had any doubts about it..your craftsmanship is top notch..also thanks for removing the burn marks on the piston, much appreciated.

Thanks, dirk

Hi Ray,

I would like to commend you for a job well done on my sleeve's After putting more than 2 gallon's of fuel, my sleeve's are still tight as when I got them back from. All my engines performed just like when they were new. My friends thought that I bought new motors. The only problem is that you did a very good job with my sleeves, that I haven't gotten the chance to use my tooling kit that I got from you because my sleeve's are still very tight. LOL


Gary D


Thanks much for the quick turnaround on my picco.26 i will be running it this weekend at the nitrofest in Charlotte, n.c. unlimited monster truck. also one of our local racers, Chris Crews that i do engine work for has been doing well at big races lately in 1/8 off road. 5th B main at roar Nat's, winner of rc pro series east round 2 1/8 expert class. 140 in class, 280 total entries. winning lots of local races. all of his p/s for these engines have been resized with your tooling. have done lots of others with great success.

Thanks Donnie

Guys - this is the second time Ray has done work for me. His main service is pinching and cleaning up pistons and sleeves, but I asked him to play with a motor for me and see if we can make it race-worthy.

He brought back my Salven .12 that I used the whole season this year to like-new condition - Howard ran the motor at Sour Grapes and turned the best laps of his season and trophied! Ray also pinched and cleaned up the other Salven I got that we think was not broken in properly to begin with. It is like new now, and very hard to turn over!

For the cost of the service, it is SO WORTH IT to let Ray do his thing. I spent about $24, and saved about $300 in two sets of pistons and sleeves.

Hi ray hows it going?

well i had my first 1/8th race today and i was sitting on 5th position in my heats and ended up finishing 3rd in the 20 min A main final, and yes i was very impressed with the performance of what my motor had in it, so all in all you done another great job on my rb c4 that was almost stuffed and you restored it to almost new again for me!

thank you


i got my motors together and broke in(heat cycles and 3 tanks easy driving)and i must say that your work is remarkable..the compression is through the roof and the overall performance is excellent..i found myself adding carb restrictors just to make the engines a bit calmer..something i have never had to do before...thanks for the awesome work and i will be sending some more business your way in the near future..you have a customer for life! thanks, dirk

Hi ray,

Well here is what you have been waiting for!!!!! THE RUN IN OF MY RODY RB C4!!!
well any way this is how it all went

first tank was a idle on the bench running at about 80-90 degrees celcius.
second through to sixth tank was driving around really rich with the same temp readings.
well now this is where all the fun began!!!! starting to open the throttle up but not hitting second gear at all for about half dozen tanks, by this stage the motor felt and sounded ready to rock'n roll! now i was reaching second gear and then backing off power a little for a couple of more laps and motor had temps reading about 100-105 degrees Celsius motor is really mega fast with awesome bottom end torque and heaps of top, i haven't leaned the motor a lot on the top yet and it is still on the rich side. All in all you have done a wonderful job again on the piston and sleeve set and I'm really hooked to 1/8th now!!! I also had a race meet with my mtx3 today and yeah the motors are still going strong! ended up with 3rd today only due to a traction roll wich cracked my body where the body posts sits so there fore the clip wont be able to hold it down. I'll send you some pics of my cars soon so if you want you can put them up on your web site.

regards, Jeremy.


The engine was spot on. it was very fast great . there will be a few coming your way in the
next few weeks as i put it around and got great response they couldn't believe it. RB
has said that it does not work but i have proved it they are wrong. For me to get a new piston
liner will cost me £100 pound in english money.but how many times can you do this to
the piston and liner. as i said thanks was a great day got better lap times still running it rich
for a few weeks i will be sending a ws711 and another c5 this week another engine i have
and my mates c5 thank once again i have but your address on are web page so with a bit of
luck you should get a few

thank you



I got my piston & sleeve today. Great work! I'll let my friends know if they need to pinch theirs. A positive feedback has been left to you. Thanks a bunch!


Sounds like i should be in good shape on tooling with what you are sending. just got back from a offroad race in Goldsboro, NC with rusty. Had good turnout of 1/8 scale, & 1/10 gas truck. rusty won the a main in 1/8 with an engine with his first resized p/s that he has done. quick learner huh. also the winner of a main 1/10 gas truck was running a .12 nova engine that i had done for him.

Dear Rayaracing,

Hey buddy, I finally left feedback for you. Sorry it took so long. I ran the engine, and I must say.... WOW. Thanks for the good job. I'd be glad to deal with you again. If you could leave feedback for me I would appreciate it.

Thanks again Ray. Bill


Hi Ray,

I bought your tooling for .12 and .21 engines about two months ago. I must say your tooling is working great. I've been resizing the piston and sleeve for all my friends at Revelation Raceway in Ca. So far I pinched about 25-30 sleeves and everyone is getting about 2-4 gallons after the pinch. All my friends and customers are extremly happy that I could provide this service right there on the spot. Alot of my friends are getting over 3 gallons and then some. I personally got over 4 gallons on my Rossi Black Magic on the first pinch. I'm on my second pinch right now with over a gallon. ( going on 9 gallons so far)

I just wanted to thank you once again for all your expert advice and your customer service. Your resize tooling has been great for our local track to save people money on this expensive hobby. This machine should pay it self off pretty soon. I'm really glad I bought your machine, it has brought alot of smiles in our local track.

Thanks, John

Congratulations to Donnie Padgett out of Virginia for both his resizing work and engine modifying, which included a 2004 Pro Series National win in 1/8 scale buggy class by his customer Chris Crews. Donnie has been using RayAracing resizing tooling for over 2 years now. Good Job Donnie! Great Racing Chris!


Some Quickies

  • Thanks Ray, I don't know how many sets I have sent you but everyone of them has worked as good as new, some better than new. Keep up the exellent work, Ty
  • I let a buddy use the OLD Salven, and it kicked ass! You did a great job! He trophied with it!
  • Super fast service, pleasure to deal with.
  • They look and feel like new ...thanks Rayaracing
  • This process works wonders!
  • My engine was dead he made it live again would recommend to anyone
  • Great communication..really fast shipping..super quality work..thanks Ray!!
  • Nothing but the best from this guy, great ebayer and great service
  • We Team Racers in Singapore see great performance and longevity in Ray's work!