*NEW* RayAracing tooling users presentation

This presentation, previously only available to our tooling users, is now available for your viewing! We use this presentation to aid our tooling users in resizing their piston and sleeves. Now you can get an exact idea how our resizing is done. Please follow this link for complete downloading instructions.

RayAracing's resizing video presentation

Please select the appropriate download based on your internet connection speed and file type preference. Both .avi files will require that the DivX codec are installed before viewing. This can be downloaded by following this link www.divx.com.

Download the high quality video if at all possible, the low quality videos are for those that have no other choice due to being stuck with dial up! Video runtime is 2min 30sec.

For low bandwidth / Dial up users:

Windows Media Player

AVI format encoded with DivX

RayAracinglow.wmv (2.53mb)

RayAracinglow.avi (4.83mb)




For high bandwidth / broadband users:

Windows Media Player

AVI format encoded with DivX
(plays best on p-3 and faster computers)

RayAracinghigh.wmv (7.21mb)

RayAracinghigh.avi (12.30mb)